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Smore is what you have been looking for to nurture your child's curiosity and set them up on a path to success!

Why Smore?

Hover over each image below to see what these brilliant women in STEM have to say!

  • Emily Levesque, American Astronomer

    “A resource I would have absolutely cherished as a science-loving girl and I'm so glad that today's young STEM enthusiasts have Smore available to them.”

  • Anouk Wipprecht, Fashion Tech Pioneer

    "Smore is a really cool magazine pushing tech, education, and science. As a girl in tech myself, I love initiatives like Smore."

  • Limor Fried, Engineer & CEO Adafruit Industries

    "Smore magazine shows exactly how powerful and fun learning about STEM can be, and how many different ways we can take that scientific know-how and apply it to curing diseases, making beautiful art, designing fashion, even exploring the Earth we live on."

  • Shaesta Waiz, Pilot & Founder, Dreams Soar

    "It was such an honor to be part of Smore Magazine’s mission to empower young girls to be curious and believe in themselves."






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Kids & Parents Love Smore!


This magazine is so cool! I love the design of it, and the information is really interesting


I think this may be one of the best investments that I have ever made.


My 9yo LOVES reading this magazine! Inspiring and informational. Real people doing real things. love it! Thank you


Great articles. I love the free posters!


Thank you so very much you have no idea what this means to me. I am so thankful that your publication is in our home.


My daughter devoured it in one sitting and LOVED it!


Loved the content, paper and print quality. Daughter and son has started reading it and were sharing some of the science facts with me over breakfast this morning.


My 9-yr old was very excited to see the magazine and insisted several times on us reading it (which we have). The content strikes a good balance between being informative but not too lengthy. 


We both really enjoyed the mushroom article and my daughter loved the robotics discussion. She is planning to bring it to her school to share with others there.


We received ours yesterday and our 4 & 6 year olds love it!. Our 6yo LOVES Meet Science Diva. I'm so impressed with the quality, also! Something we can hang on to and enjoy for a long time! Great job and I'm so thankful for y'all's hard work-awesome investment!!


My niece likes it. I personally like the way it's printed. I like the thickness of the paper it is printed on. None of that flimsy stuff. I how colorful it is. The biggest plus me is the print. I love the bigger print.